TM Industries, owned and operated by Mike Mruk, has been building, servicing, installing and setting up mobile and manufactured homes for 35 years. 


With long term experience TM Industries Ltd. can provide professional, knowledgeable and quality work. 


TM Industries Ltd is backed by one of the oldest pile manufacturing companies in Alberta, Almita Piling Inc.

A long-standing relationship has assisted in the quality service you will receive from TM Industries Ltd.

Almita's relationship with TM Industries Ltd. assists with engineering by providing engineering documentation need for permits or providing engineering for exceptional situations that may arise.


Services provided by TM Industries


  • Steel Screw Pile installation

  • Modular Home Screw Pile Installation

  • Predrilling through frozen ground 

  • Customer assistance for permit applications

  • CWB welding certified



With many years in the business TM Industries Ltd. has a unique edge, TMI is one of the pioneering businesses in Alberta using steel screw piles for mobile/ manufactured home foundations.


Our company has worked across western Canada in both rural and urban environments including collaboration with a housing developer in Fort McMurray installing piles and completing setups of more than 700 homes.  Many homes have been piled and set up with TM Industries in first nation communities.


TM Industries Ltd. is proud to provide its customers with a one stop experience.



T.M. Industries Ltd

Steel Screw Pile Installation