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Their first job was in Pukatawagan, Manitoba where they set up about 25 homes. Initially he installed houses on blocks, then he moved to screw piles. After about two years, Mike bought out his partner and landed a contract in Fort McMurray for 700 homes. They put close to 18,000 piles in the ground over three years.

It was when Mike was in Fort McMurray that he met Adrien
Trudeau, the owner of Almita at that time. It wasn’t long before Adrien had Mike convinced to go with Almita.


Today 90 to 95% of TM’s business is modular and mobile homes, mainly in Alberta, and Almita is their main supplier of screw piles. TM also uses Almita’s engineering services.
Mike operates the business with his wife Ranedda who runs the office. The bulk of their work is in the summer months and he hires additional staff as required. Mike is very proud of his CWB certification (Canadian Welding Bureau) and feels it sets him apart from other installers.


In December 2014, TM was Parkland County’s Featured Business of the Month―a great honor. The county
recognizes local businesses for their contributions to the county.

Article written in the Almita Piper, Winter 2015 edition.







Parkland County is pleased to announce that

T.M. Industries Ltd., located in Division 1

of Parkland County is December’s Featured

Business of the Month.

T.M. Industries Ltd., in operation since 1997,

offers steel piling installation services primarily

for mobile home foundations, decks, sidewalks

and out buildings.

Mike and Ranedda Mruk who are both

longtime residents of Parkland County, started

T.M. Industries after recognizing the need for

a more permanent type of foundation that was

different from the typical wood blocking. This

proved to be a successful business decision made

by Mike and Ranedda as most mobile homes

are now placed on steel piling foundations.

Our congratulations go out to T.M. Industries

Ltd., for being one of Parkland County’s great

businesses and this month’s feature business.

To find out more about T.M. Industries Ltd.,

please call 780-991-4119 or email Mike Mruk



Article written in the Parkland Communicator December 2014.

T.M. Industries Ltd

Steel Screw Pile Installation


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